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Tags: desert

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Indian Raiders Alex Concha Native American; Taos 02.59 tempera
Buffalo Hunt Percy Tsisete Sandy Native American; Zuni 02.219 tempera
Desert William Robinson Leigh American 0137.2238 oil on canvas
Moonlight, First Mesa William Robinson Leigh American 0137.680 oil on canvas board
Desert Sunset William Robinson Leigh American 0137.711 oil on canvas
-S- Ranch, S. Dak. William Robinson Leigh American 0127.979 oil on canvas board
Possibly Old Nanna E. B. Snell Native American; Apache 4326.3578
Geronimo A. F. Randall Native American; Apache 4326.3560
Nugent's Homestead Merritt Thomas Mauzey American 14.25 lithograph on paper
Frisky Critters Merritt Thomas Mauzey American 14.29 lithograph on paper
Post Cutter Merritt Thomas Mauzey American 14.55 lithograph on paper
Superstition Ernest Leonard Blumenschein American 0137.531 oil on canvas
Indian Art by the Highway John Sloan American 0137.568 oil on board
"Penetente Morada" 9/50 Alexandre Hogue American 14.292 lithograph on paper
Nugent's Homestead Merritt Thomas Mauzey American 14.61 lithograph on paper
Sheep Cascade Ila Mae McAfee American 01.566 oil on canvas
The Sorcerer Henry François Farny American 01.1225 oil on canvas
Christmas Eve, Torchlight Procession, Taos Pueblo Ila Mae McAfee American 01.545 oil on canvas
The Village at San Jose Walt Gonske American 01.2430 oil on canvas
The Bell Mare Frederic Remington American 01.2327 oil on canvas