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Tags: earrings

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Eagle Boy Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.424 oil on canvas
Game of Chance John Mix Stanley American 01.1137 oil on canvas
Sacred Rain Arrow Allan C. Houser Native American; Chiricahua Apache 0827.185 bronze
Piegan Squaw Charles Marion Russell; , Roman Bronze Works; , Dr. Philip G. Cole Collection American 0837.10 lost-wax cast in bronze
Seminole Making Sofkey Fred Beaver Native American; Creek 0227.531 tempera on paper
Navaho Woman & Child Gathering Corn Pollen Harrison Begay Native American; Navajo 02.48 tempera on mat board
Canadian Indians and Artist Peter Rindisbacher Swiss 0226.1341 watercolor on paper
Te-Ah'-Ke-Ra-Lee-Re-Coo, the Cheyenne George Catlin American 02.1541 watercolor on paper
Wah-ro-nee-sah, the Surrounder George Catlin American 02.1542 watercolor on paper
Codex Canadensis 4726.7 ink on paper
Water Pockets: Study, Navajo Girl William Robinson Leigh American 1327.169 ink on paper
Hol-te-mal-te-tez-te-neehk-ee, "Sam Perryman" George Catlin American 02.1496 watercolor on paper
Peyote Religious Ceremony Woodrow Wilson Crumbo Native American; Creek, Potawatomi 0227.577 tempera on paper
Sha-ko-ka (Mint, Mandan) George Catlin American 02.1545 watercolor on paper
Mak-Hos-Kah, Chief of the Goways (White Cloud) Charles Bird King American 01.1198 oil on wood
Non-on-da-gon George Catlin American 0226.1502 Watercolor on paper
Muk-a-tah-mish-o-kah-kaik, the Black Hawk George Catlin American 02.1519 watercolor on paper
White Hats Charles Banks Wilson; , Charles Banks Wilson American 01.2559 oil on canvas
Ten-sqat-a-way, the Open Door, "Shawnee Prophet" George Catlin American 02.1570 watercolor on paper
Kee-O-Kuck, First War Chief of the Sauks (Watchful Fox) Charles Bird King American 01.1199 oil on wood