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Tags: effigys

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Ceramic human effigy head fragment Mesoamerican; Teotihuacan 54.7755 clay
Ceramic human figure head fragment of a fertility goddess Mesoamerican; Toltec 54.7312 clay
Ivory bear effigy Arctic, Aleut 83.1352 Ivory
Ceramic turtle effigy pipe bowl Mississippian 54.4493 ceramic
Coatimundi effigy vessel with painted geometric and curvilinear designs Central American; Panamanian, Gran Coclé 54.3479 clay
Ceramic head jar Southeast, Quapaw 54.1286 Ceramic
Ceramic human figure head fragment Mesoamerican; Teotihuacan 54.7412 clay
Ivory whale effigy Arctic, Inuit 83.1804 Ivory
Ramos polychrome ceramic olla jar Southwest, Casas Grandes 54.2567 Ceramic
Stone effigy figure Mesoamerican 61.8797 stone
Jade human face effigy Mesoamerican; Mayan 55.226 jadeite
Mississippi Plain Feline Effigy Bowl Southeast, Mississippian 54.1129 Clay, temper, shells, incised
Ceramic human figure head effigy fragment Mesoamerican; Aztec 54.7585 clay
Stone elbow style animal head effigy pipe Northeast 61.1712 Stone
Tuxcacuesco-Ortices style, a "Teco" variant, solid female figurine with two infants Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.3757 clay
Stone frog effigy pipe Northeast, Woodland 61.1719 Stone -- greenstone
Jade effigy pendant of a face Mesoamerican 55.140 jade
Means Engraved Effigy Quadripod Vessel Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.1651 Clay, shells, engraved