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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Bronze Napoleon medal European 65.59 silver
Untitled Norval Morrisseau Native American; Ojibwa 01.2530 acrylic on canvas
Buffalo at Sunset John Nieto Native American; Mescalero Apache 14.940 screenprint on paper
Yesterday's Fires- Medicine Man Willard Stone Native American; Cherokee 13.344 colored pencil on paper
King George II silver peace medal European 65.19 silver
Portrait of George Washington Charles Willson Peale American 0126.1013 oil on canvas
Thomas Jefferson De Quevanillier French 15.1122 etching on wove paper
Fall Season Willard Stone Native American; Cherokee 13.346 colored pencil and ink on paper
Louis XV silver peace medal of "Honos et Virtu" type French 65.53 silver
Children of John and Mary Ross Samuel Bell Waugh American 0126.1220 oil on canvas
Collision of Heavenly Structures Norman Akers Native American; Osage, Pawnee 0127.2486 oil on canvas
Gen. George Washington and His Family George Edward Perine; , Eclectic 1526.949 engraving on paper
Communion of Thanks Willard Stone Native American; Cherokee 13.353 colored pencil on paper
Antelope Head with Pedernal Georgia O'Keeffe American 01.2521 oil on canvas
Prayer To The Sun Parker Boyiddle, Jr. Native American; Kiowa 0127.2505 acrylic on canvas
Black and White Photograph of Thomas Gilcrease, Acee Blue Eagle, and Willard Stone 4327.9359
Robert E. Lee Jacques Reich Hungarian 1427.4 etching on paper
Cow, Cody, Wyoming William Robinson Leigh American 01.1036 oil on canvas board
Acee Blue Eagle Bettina Steinke American 0137.2099 oil on canvas
Study of a bear II Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.54 plaster