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Tags: family

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Eben Pushes Off Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2151 ink and pen on paper
Plains Madonna Charles Banks Wilson American 14.681 lithograph on paper
Woman carrying water jug with baby on her back Olaf Carl Seltzer American 0237.1297a-b watercolor on paper and mat board
Family Portrait Jamasie Teevee First Nations; Inuit 14.890 etching on paper
Deer in the Moonlight Ben Quintana Native American; Cochiti 02.192 tempera
Letter from Henry C. Ross, age 16, in Philadelphia to Lewis Ross in Washington D.C. regarding his school and plans to not return to the Nation Native American; Cherokee 4026.257 ink on paper
Indian Family Hau Kei Native American; Plains 02.546 watercolor
Typescript of a biography of Joseph Roger's family Native American; Cherokee 4017.5292 ink on paper
Passport for Benjamin Bracket and his family to travel independently from Cherokee Agency East to Cherokee Agency West Native American; Cherokee 4026.3325.38 ink on paper
Apache Camp Unknown Native American; Apache 4326.3565
Otoe and wife William S. Prettyman Native American; Otoe 4326.3548
Osage family, Fairfax, Oklahoma Unknown Native American; Osage 4327.4154
Thau-ki-moya, et al Unknown Native American; Osage 4327.4153
Unidentified Osage family Unknown Native American; Osage 4326.5113
Black Dog's camp Unknown Native American; Osage 4326.4385
"Never Fail" and family G. W. Parsons Native American; Osage 4326.4272
Jack and Carrie Kashaway and daughter Unknown Native American; Otoe 4327.4445
Pawnee Indian Teepee William S. Prettyman Native American; Pawnee 4326.3510
Rone Chief and Eagle Chief Unknown Native American; Pawnee 4326.5160
Unidentified Osage family Unknown Native American; Osage 4326.4160