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Tags: fan

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Leather wrapped feather fan Unknown Native American 84.232 hide, feather
"If Elvis had come to a meeting, he might still be with us" man's t-shirt Ronald W. Anderson; , Ronald W. Anderson Native American; Caddo 84.2998 cotton, ink
Native American Church fan with waterbird feathers and beaded handle Joseph Rice Native American; Sac & Fox 84.3126 feather, hide, glass, metal
Painted wooden fan Unknown Native American; Navajo 84.3143 wood, glass, paint
Native American Church beaded fan handle with geometric designs Ernest Mihecoby Native American; Comanche 84.2993 wood, glass, brass, hide, horsehair, dye
Beaded peyote ceremonial counting feather Unknown; , Emil William Lenders Native American; Osage 84.224 feather, glass
Fan with beaded handle and feather quills wrapped in hide Ernest Mihecoby, 1904 - 1982, Native American; Comanche (Artist) Native American; Comanche and Kiowa 84.2973 feather, hide, glass
Feather peyote fan with beaded handle and leather fringe Unknown Native American; Osage 84.3108 feather, hide, glass
Eagle feather fan joined together by hide string, used in Peyote ceremony Unknown Native American; Kaw 84.235 feather (eagle), hide, cotton
Eagle feather fan used for peyote ceremony Unknown Native American; Osage 84.236 feathers (eagle)
Beaded image on hide of christ figure along with tipi, feathers, rattle, and drumstick against multicolored background Unknown Native American 84.3004 glass, hide
Peyote feather fan with multicolored beaded handle and white fringe Barry Belindo Native American; Sac & Fox 84.3094 feathers, glass, metal, hide
Beaded ceremonial feather wrapped in hide Unknown Native American 84.226 hide, glass, feather
Dyed turkey hat feather with hide strap attachment Virgil Harry Native American; Euchee 84.2964 feather (turkey), hide, dye
Dyed turkey hat feather with hide strap attachment Virgil Harry Native American; Euchee 84.2965 feather, hide, dye
Beaded feather fan with leather fringe Unknown Native American 84.222 glass, hide, feather
Feather fan with wooden handle wrapped in beaded leather Unknown Native American; Comanche 84.227 hide, feathers, glass
Feather Aningha peyote fan Robert Littledance Native American; possibly Ponca (artist), Osage (user) 84.824 feather, leather, glass
Eagle tail fan with buckskin fringe at end Unknown Native American; Kiowa 85.1 feather (eagle), hide
Feather fan wrapped in hide Unknown Native American 85.14 hide, feather