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Tags: Florida

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
A New Map of Georgia with Part of Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana Emanuel Bowen 3976.654
General map of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia Laurie & Whittle 3976.655
Map of the United States, Northern Mexico, southern “British America” (Canada) George W. Boynton 3916.214
Map of the eastern United States Samuel Augustus Mitchell 3926.115
Western Florida American 3926.253 ink on paper
Survey of the coast of West Florida from Pensacola to Cape Blaise George Gauld 3926.564
Map showing routes of emigrating Indians from 1830 to 1840 Grant Foreman 3926.567
Map of the United States and Territories D. McClelland; , D. McClelland 3926.707
Map of the United States of America French Thierry 3976.554
An Accurate Map of Louisiana and the Territory in Dispute between the English and French George Rollos 3976.555
A Map of Louisiana and of the River Mississippi John Senex 3976.557
Sketch of the River Perdido 3976.566
Chart of the Gulf of Mexico and Cuba Spanish Royal School of Navigation 3976.593 vellum
Map of the provinces of North & South Carolina, Georgia, and other states Emanuel Bowen 3976.646
Eleven page document from a Dr. Hall to a Mr. Pennant concerning observations made during a journey in 1775 from St. Augustine to what is now Tallahassee, Florida American 4026.5845 ink on paper
Printed Statement of the Cherokee Funds requested by D. W. Bushyhead, Treasurer of the Cherokee Nation Native American; Cherokee 3726.360 ink on paper
Typescript of "My Life", with pencil corrections and notes by Margaret Louise Wallace William Robinson Leigh American 2317.479 ink on onion skin paper
Seminole Cabins in Florida Unknown Native American; Seminole 4326.4570
Florida Seminole Indian Fred Beaver Native American; Creek 0227.53 tempera on paper
Florida River Scene Martin Johnson Heade American 0126.2317 oil on canvas