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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Cherokee Chief Tucquo's Bandolier Bag Unknown; , Trotta-Bono Ltd. Native American; possibly Cherokee 84.3409 cloth, wool, cotton, glass
The Scissors Grinder George Henry Story American 0126.2248 oil
Scouts in the Tetons John Mix Stanley American 01.1143 oil on canvas
Thomas Gilcrease Charles Banks Wilson American 0127.2300 egg tempera on board
Man at Easel Working on Painting of Cowboy Unknown American TU2009.39.270.158 gelatin silver process
Three Children Sitting on Porch Steps Unknown American TU2009.39.7649.133 gelatin silver process
Creacion Alfredo Zalce Mexican 1400.903 etching on paper
The New Scholar Jennie Augusta Brownscombe American 01.1213 oil on canvas
How the Boy Medicine Came to the Kiowas Jimalee Chitwood Burton Native American; Cherokee 0127.1938 oil on canvas
Flower market Unknown American TU2009.39.7556a-b gelatin silver process
Night Hitch Charles Percy Austin 01.1247 oil on canvas
Acee Blue Eagle Bettina Steinke American 0137.2099 oil on canvas
Mexican Costumes - Juchitan (District of Oaxaca) Francisco Gutiérrez Spanish 17.51.10 watercolor on paper
La Niña Muerta Juan Soriano Mexican 0147.2006 oil on board
Bending Willow Set about the Cares of Mother-Hood Woodrow Wilson Crumbo Native American; Creek, Potawatomi 02.464 tempera on paper
Feather Dancer Monroe Tsatoke Native American; Kiowa 0227.512 tempera on paper
Xochiquetzal Guillermo Meza Mexican 0147.2020 oil on canvas
Cactus Flower Beatien Yazz Native American; Navajo 0237.62 tempera on paper
Pueblo Craftsmen, Palace of the Governor Santa Fe Pablita Velarde "Native American; Santa Clara Pueblo 0237.565 tempera
Creek Chiefs Acee Blue Eagle Native American; Creek, Pawnee 02.469 tempera on paper