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Tags: geometric patterns

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Apache Fire Dance Stephen Mopope Native American; Kiowa 0227.331 tempera on paper
Game of Chance John Mix Stanley American 01.1137 oil on canvas
Flute Dancer (or Player) Woodrow Wilson Crumbo Native American; Creek, Potawatomi 02.485 tempera on toned paper
War Record White Swan Native American; Crow 0226.589 watercolor, ink, and graphite on muslin
Creek Chiefs Acee Blue Eagle Native American; Creek, Pawnee 02.469 tempera on paper
Kiowa Flute Player Stephen Mopope Native American; Kiowa 0227.128 tempera on paper
Indian Dancer Monroe Tsatoke Native American; Kiowa 0227.244 tempera on paper
The Mourners Joseph Henry Sharp American 01.354 oil on canvas
Men's beaded and quilled leather moccasins with thunderbird design Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.364a-b hide, glass, quills, pigment
Bears and Sacred Sun Acee Blue Eagle Native American; Creek, Pawnee 02.583 tempera
Acee Blue Eagle Winold Reiss American 02.1488 watercolor and pastel on paper
Chief Little Raven on His War Pony Carl Sweezy Native American; Arapaho 0227.288 watercolor
Indian Art by the Highway John Sloan American 0137.568 oil on board
Women's beaded high-top moccasins Unknown Native American; possibly Southern Cheyenne or Arapaho 84.435a-b hide, glass, metal
Ceramic bottle Annie Healing Nampeyo Native American; Hopi Tewa 54.4420 clay
Buffalo Dancer Lois Smokey Native American; Kiowa 02.148 tempera on paper
Kaw Pureblood - 87 Yrs. Charles Banks Wilson American 1327.2078 colored pencil on board
Peyote Breakfast II Ruthe Blalock Jones Native American; Delaware, Shawnee, Peoria 0227.1969 gouache on board
Polychrome ceramic jar Native American; Acoma 54.4328 clay, paint
Corn Maidens (Taos Pueblo) Bert Geer Phillips American 01.2197 oil on canvas