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Tags: gorgets

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Chief Bull Head Joseph Henry Sharp American 01.495 oil on canvas
The Inner Spirit Enoch Kelly Haney Native American; Seminole, Muscogee (Creek) 01.2298 casein
Chief Bacon Rind Howard Chandler Christy American 01.1937 oil on canvas
Kots-o-ko-ro-ko, the Hair of the Bull's Neck George Catlin American 02.1532 watercolor on paper
Wee-ta-ra-sha-ro George Catlin American 02.1536 watercolor on paper
Sky-se-ro-ka George Catlin American 02.1537 watercolor on paper
Quay-ham-kay, the Stone Shell George Catlin American 02.1539 watercolor on paper
Te-Ah'-Ke-Ra-Lee-Re-Coo, the Cheyenne George Catlin American 02.1541 watercolor on paper
Ee-hee-a-duck-chee-a, He Who Ties His Hair Before George Catlin American 02.1548 watercolor on paper
Billy Bowlegs Unidentified 01.1347 oil on canvas
George Lowrey Unidentified 0126.2180 oil on canvas