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Tags: Great Plains

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Buffalo sinew strip tied in two knots Unknown Native American; Pawnee 87.1 sinew
Wood pipe stem with quills and feathers Native American; Southern Cheyenne 84.48b Wood, Quills, Feathers, Silk, Cotton String
Wood pipe stem with porcupine quills and feathers depicting a bird Unknown Native American; Southern Cheyenne 84.64b wood, quill (porcupine), feathers, silk
Wood pipe stem with quills and feathers Native American; Tonkawa 84.36b wood, quill, feather, horse hair, cotton string, stone
Red polished catlinite pipe bowl Native American; Arapaho 84.76a catlinite
Red polished catlinite pipe bowl Native American; Kiowa 84.90a catlinite
Quilled and beaded buffalo hide moccasins with geometric designs Native American; Plains 84.365a-b leather, glass, quills, dyes, cotton string
Small beaded bag with stiff fringe Native American; Plains 84.673 leather, glass
Large wooden hoop with leather netting used in the Hoop Game Native American; Plains 84.1087 wood, leather
Stick with metal Native American; Plains 73.270 wood, metal
Parfleche envelope with yellow, green, red, and blue dyes Native American; Nez Perce 89.103 rawhide, pigment
Yellow ochre in a leather bag Native American; Plains 89.27 leather, pigment
Red ochre in a leather bag Native American; Plains 89.28 leather, pigment
Men's quilled leather moccasins with split tongue and metal cone tassels Native American; Oglala Sioux 84.378a-b leather, quills, metal, feathers, cotton cloth, cotton string, hide
A beaded knife sheath and metal knife with a wood handle Native American; Plains 84.776a-b leather, glass, sinew, wood, metal
A leather knife sheath decorated with brass buttons Native American; Crow, possibly Blackfeet 84.781a-c leather, metal, wood, brass
A knife sheath painted inside and out and a metal knife with a wooden handle Native American; Plains 84.784a-b leather, pigment, wood, metal
Quirt decorated with brass tacks and four separate silver ornaments, rawhide lask, and piece of cloth tied to handle Native American; Plains 84.767 wood, brass, silver, rawhide
Pipe bowl Native American; Sioux 6126.6780 catlinite (red steatite or pipestone), wood
Woman's horse crupper decorated with leather, beads, and spoons Native American; Crow 84.836 leather, glass, metal