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Tags: heads

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Dyed turkey hat feather with hide strap attachment Virgil Harry Native American; Euchee 84.2964 feather (turkey), hide, dye
Plain Human Head Effigy Bottle Southeast, Mississippian 54.1277 Clay, grog, appliqued, polished
Carson Red on Buff Human Head Effigy Bottle Southeast, Mississippian 54.1293 Clay, temper, shells, painted, punctated, appliqued
Ixtlan del Rio style hollow ceramic funerary effigy sculpture Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.4157 clay, slip, paint
Two headed solid, Tuxcacuesco-Ortices style, human figurine Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.3764 clay
Human stone head with ritual ball game regalia Mesoamerican; Mayan 61.8890 stone
Stone human head Mesoamerican; Mayan 61.8892 stone
Antelope Head with Pedernal Georgia O'Keeffe American 01.2521 oil on canvas
Profile of deer head Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.2.1 graphite on paper
Silver mechanical pencil with a horsehead clip American TU2009.39.75 silver, lead
Quapaw Pureblood Man - 72 Yrs. Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2104 graphite and conté crayon on wove paper