Tags: implements

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Stone plummet Woodland 61.2568 Stone, hematite
Sandstone grinding stones or abraiders Northeast, Mississippian 61.5168 Stone -- sandstone
Parfleche envelope with yellow, green, red, and blue dyes Native American; Nez Perce 89.103 rawhide, pigment
Ivory cylinder with a carved animal head and two bears Arctic, Inuit 83.1361 Ivory
Human effigy pipe appearing to hold a large rattle in his left hand Southeast; Mississippian 61.200 flint clay (often called Arkansas Bauxite) and catlinite
Inuit bird spear with ivory prongs Arctic, Inuit 84.1338 wood, ivory, rope, bone, twine and pigment
A beaded knife sheath and metal knife with a wood handle Native American; Plains 84.776a-b leather, glass, sinew, wood, metal
A leather knife sheath decorated with brass buttons Native American; Crow, possibly Blackfeet 84.781a-c leather, metal, wood, brass
A knife sheath painted inside and out and a metal knife with a wooden handle Native American; Plains 84.784a-b leather, pigment, wood, metal
Quirt decorated with brass tacks and four separate silver ornaments, rawhide lask, and piece of cloth tied to handle Native American; Plains 84.767 wood, brass, silver, rawhide
3/4 grooved stone axe Northeast, Woodland 61.1000 Stone
Sandstone grinding stones or abraiders Northeast, Mississippian 61.5137 Stone -- sandstone
Stone Milnesand lanceolate blade or projectile point Southeast, Paleolithic 61.1898 Stone
End scraper Unknown 61.60003 Stone
Bifacially thinned stone bi-pointed Mississippian blade Southeast, Mississippian 61.1590 Stone
Ivory sinker Arctic, Inuit 83.1761 Ivory
Stone drill made from salvaged projectile point Unknown 61.12758 Stone
Ivory harpoon head Arctic, Inuit 83.1282 Ivory
Stone scraper Archaic 61.11052 Stone
Granite plummet Northeast, Archaic 61.670 Stone, Granite