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Tags: Indian Territory

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Muster Roll of Captain Goliath Herrod's Company for the 1st Creek Battalion of Mounted Volunteers commanded by Lt. Colonel Chilly McIntosh Native American, Cherokee 4026.1851
Letter from J. B. Mays, Principal Chief, to Ed Adair, Sheriff in Adair, I.T. Native American, Cherokee 4026.5470
Letter from W. H. Hendricks in Fort Gibson, Indian Territory to the Cherokee Delegation in Washington Native American, Cherokee 4026.5493
Letter from C. J. Harris, Executive Office, Cherokee Nation, Tahlequah, Indian Territory Native American, Cherokee 4026.5494
Letter from Henry C. Ross, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, to Lewis, Ross referring to John A. Ross's expected return to Fort Gibson Native American, Cherokee 4026.277
Envelope addressed to Mr. Lewis Ross, Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, via Fort Scott, Kansas Native Americans, Cherokee 4026.277.1
Certified longhand copy of portion of the Cherokee Emigrant Payroll of 1852 Native Americans, Cherokee 5126.821
Letter from S. A. Worcester at New Echota to "Brother and Sister" explaining withdrawal of case before U.S. Supreme Court Samuel Austin Worcester American 3827.2873
Excerpt of letter by Samuel Worcester to The Indian Advocate Samuel Austin Worcester American 3826.2880
Letter from Major J. W. Powell to A.E.W. Robertson, Tullahassee, concerning Pike's vocabulary Ann Eliza Worcester Robertson American 3826.2878-.2
Diary of Dr. D. D. Hitchcock Daniel D. Hitchcock American 3626.205 ink on paper
Assorted documents titled “Rev. W.S Robertson" and "Some history of missionary work among the Cherokees and Creeks" Herbert W. Hicks, Samuel Austin Worcester American 3826.2846 ink on paper
Article "Our Monthly", published in Muscogee Creek language, at Tullahassee American 5026.681-.3 ink on paper
Discharge certificate for D. D. Hitchcock from Union Army at Fort Gibson signed by Colonel William A. Phillips Daniel D. Hitchcock American 5126.704 ink on paper
Typescript of "From the Mayhew Mission to the Choctaws" William A. Love Native American; Choctaw 4027.4560 ink on paper
Typescript of "Why I am interested in Wheelock," regarding the Choctaw Nation school Edmond J. Gardner Native American; Choctaw 4027.4559 ink on paper
Missionary Stone Chapel at Wheelock, Choctaw Nation (March 15, 1847) Mary E. Chamberlain American 13.1117 graphite on paper
Letter from M Duval requesting money from John Drew and Ryan Manard to pay Mr. Foster Native American, Cherokee 4026.1584.71-.72 ink and pencil on paper
Letter from Milton Robinson to his mother concerning school Native American, Cherokee 4027.3086-.1 ink on paper
Typescript of excerpts from letters and other sources referencing "Missions to the Choctaws on Red River" Native American; Choctaw 4026.4557-.12 ink on paper