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Tags: Indians of North America

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
John Ross Daguerreotype Unknown Native American, Cherokee 4326.1807
Shung-ath'-ka or White Horse Unknown Native American, Otoe 4326.4420
Unidentified Apache man Unknown Native American, Apache 4326.3570
Tahlequah District Claims Record Book Native American; Cherokee 4026.1599 ink on paper
Bill of Sale by William Davenport to John Drew of two female slaves for $500 Native American, Cherokee 4026.1631
[No title provided] Native American, Cherokee 4026.3325.44
Photocopy of Appointment of Robert D. Blackstone as postmaster, Maysville, Benton County, Arkansas Native American, Cherokee 5126.190
Possibly Indian Raid Unknown Native American, Osage 4326.420
Letter from John Drew in Webbers Falls addressed to sister concerning Suggs' living arrangement and education Native American, Cherokee 4026.1949
Fragment of a lease between Pranson and Prunty Native American, Cherokee 4026.1361.1
Bound leather notebook with entries regarding cattle business and personal expenses Native American, Cherokee 4026.3221
Note to pay barer the sum of ten dollars Native Americans, Cherokee 4026.1588.80
Letter from Howley to Joseph L. McCorkle Native American, Cherokee 4026.3005
Letter of introduction for John Drew to William Medill from Cherokee Sub-Agent Native American, Cherokee 4026.1637
Financial record between John L. McCoy and John Drew Native American, Cherokee 4026.1676.117
Letter from I. G. Vore to Col. Drew concerning potato shipment and war rumors Native American, Cherokee 4026.1412
Unidentified Osage group Frank Griggs Native American, Osage 4327.4275
Letter from James D. Frazer in Little Mineral, Texas to W. G. Robinson regarding cattle Native American, Cherokee 4026.1950
Fragment of a list of Cherokee persons with numbers next to their names Native American, Cherokee 4026.1570.1
Personal letter from Elizabeth Robinson to her son, W. G. Robinson concerning family news and the death of her brother Thomas Native American, Cherokee 4026.3545-.1