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Tags: Indians of North America

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Chief Whirlwind Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 4327.3784
Chief manimmie (Eagle Head) Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 4327.3783
High Wolf A. Bogardus Native American; Cheyenne 4327.3782
Heap o' Bears Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 4327.3771 gelatin silver process
Anderson Chamberlain and Cheyenne wife, widow of Robert Beul Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 4327.3795
Black Horn and baby Vince Dillon Native American; Cheyenne 4327.3798
Corn Woman E. B. Snell Native American; Cheyenne 4327.3808
Laura Standing Elk John Nicholas Choate Native American; Cheyenne 4327.3809
Short Teeth, Jr. Christopher Charles Stotz Native American; Cheyenne 4327.3810
The Curtis Twins Christopher Charles Stotz Native American; Cheyenne 4327.3811
Fifth and favorite wife, Too-nice, and son at Parker home in Wichita Mountains Fred L. Wenner Native American; Comanche 4327.3876
Parker with oldest son Fred L. Wenner Native American; Comanche 4327.3875
Jake Homer Finds Picture Making Has Become One of Fine Arts Unknown Native American; Choctaw 4327.3832
Unidentified Old Choctaw Woman and baby Unknown Native American; Choctaw 4327.3831
Ida Moore Johnson, Newton, Kansas, Age 101 Unknown Native American; Choctaw 4327.3829
Cheyenne woman W. P. Bliss Native American; Cheyenne 4327.3812
Son and last woman, Too-nice Fred L. Wenner Native American; Comanche 4327.3877
Possibly Fred W. Wenry (in uniform) and his brother-in-law at Anadarko, OK American Indian Exposition Unknown Native American; Comanche 4327.3886
Attocni or Lone Tipi Unknown Native American; Comanche 4327.3887
Kujou or Hair Hanging Down Unknown Native American; Comanche 4327.3888