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Tags: Items included in the Henry Luce Foundation 2020-2022 project

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
7 page handwritten inventory of Thomas Moran's paintings and their owners Ruth Bedford Moran American 4027.4014.6-.11 ink on paper
1 page typed letter from Ruth Moran to Helen Frick about sending articles on Thomas Moran to the Frick Reference Library Ruth Bedford Moran American 4027.4014 ink on paper
2 one-page typed Inventories of Thomas Moran's artwork at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C. Unknown American 4027.4028 ink on paper
61 page typescript of a catalog of Thomas Moran's art materials and artwork with sale prices, patrons, locations and edits by Anne Morand Thomas Moran, February 12, 1837 - August 25, 1926, American (Author) American 4027.4053 ink on paper
Invitation from Salmagundi Sketch Club to Thomas Moran Salmagundi Sketch Club American 5126.215 ink on paper
Invitation from Salmagundi Sketch Club to Thomas Moran Salmagundi Sketch Club American 5126.216 ink on paper
A favorable editorial on Thomas Moran Unknown American 5126.241 ink on paper
Alfred Trumble's incomplete article on Thomas and Mary Nimmo Moran for a Klackner Gallery catalog Alfred Trumble American 5126.243 ink on paper
Photograph of Thomas Moran artwork, Watering Place Unknown American 4326.5597 gelatin silver process
Handwritten poem "Valentine" from Miss Roberts to Thomas Moran Miss Roberts American 4016.3924 ink on paper
Typed notes on Thomas Moran's style by unknown author Unknown American 4017.4010 ink on paper
6 handwritten pages of notes for exhibition catalog and a 3 page typed transcription Unknown American 4027.3964 ink on paper
Article describing a huge, green iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean Unknown American 5116.113 ink on paper
4 page typed draft of Fritiof Fryxell's article "The Thomas Moran Art Collection of the National Parks" with handwritten notes by Ruth Moran Fritiof Melvin Fryxell American 5117.228 pencil and ink on paper
Reginald Cleveland Cox's article "Thomas Moran, N.A.", typed 1 1/2 pages Reginald Cleveland Cox American 5117.233 ink on paper
"Moran the Pathbreaker" written by Charles deKay to the editor in response to Clinton Academy exhibition; 4 page handwritten letter and 1 1/2 page typed transcription Charles Augustus DeKay American 5117.237 ink on paper
3 1/2 page typed Biography of Thomas Moran Unknown American 5117.239 ink on paper
3 1/2 page typed biography of Thomas Moran Unknown American 5117.264 ink on paper
5 1/2 page Press release on the National Parks Exhibition Unknown American 5117.267 ink on paper
Photograph of a sales catalogue entry for Thomas Moran's painting “Sunset on the Shores of Lake Superior" Unknown American 5117.289 ink on paper