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Tags: Items included in the Henry Luce Foundation 2020-2022 project

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
2 page handwritten letter from Mildred Kierney, Washington, D.C., to Ruth Moran about the sale of a painting Mildred Kierney American 3827.844 ink on paper
3 page typed letter with brief handwritten postscript from Ruth Moran to G. H. Buek regarding Thomas Moran's failing health Ruth Bedford Moran American 3837.820 ink on paper
Two photographs of Thomas Moran's painting “Yellowstone Canyon" Unknown American 4316.5630 gelatin silver process
Brief handwritten notes on Thomas Moran sketches by Ruth Moran Ruth Bedford Moran American 4027.3958 pencil on paper
Envelope containing Thomas Moran's diary from his 1883 trip to Mexico Thomas Moran American 3646.144.5 pencil on paper
Photo of committee of Exhibition of 1889 including Thomas Moran Unknown American 4326.5575 ink on paper
Photogravure of a young Thomas Moran Napoleon Sarony Canadian 4326.6126
Notation on Western Arm Museums Directors Association Thomas Moran American 4027.3969.1 pencil on paper
Notation of Gallery Directors name for Faulkner Gallery Thomas Moran American 4027.3969.2 ink on paper
Ruth Moran's notes on a typhoid fever epidemic Ruth Bedford Moran, Thomas Moran American 4027.3969.3 pencil on paper
Ruth Moran's notes for a codicil for her will Ruth Bedford Moran, Thomas Moran American 4027.3969.4 pencil on paper
Postcard from Ruth Moran regarding payment for the artworks "Oaks" and "Eucalyptus near Santa Barbara" Ruth Bedford Moran American 4027.3969 ink on paper
Typed transcription of original handwritten letter from Thomas Moran to his wife, Mary Nimmo, written from camp at South Park, Colorado Thomas Moran American 3836.794 ink on paper
Letter from P. G. Hamerton to Thomas Moran regarding unpublished etchings Philip Gilbert Hamerton English 3876.797 ink on paper
Letter from F. Seymour Haden to Thomas Moran regarding Moran's upcoming visit Francis Seymour Haden English 3876.799 ink on paper
Notes concerning Thomas Moran's trip to the Colorado River country in 1873 Unknown American 4017.3929 ink and pencil on paper
Missionary Stone Chapel at Wheelock, Choctaw Nation (March 15, 1847) Mary E. Chamberlain American 13.1117 graphite on paper
Essa Queta - Tribe Apache Stephen Mopope, August 27, 1898 - February 1974, Native American; Kiowa (Artist) Native American; Kiowa 02.129 tempera on paper
Koshare in Paris Armond Lara Native American; Navajo (Diné) 14.954 ink on paper
In Rhythm Armond Lara Native American; Navajo (Diné) 14.955 ink on paper