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Tags: John Drew

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Order signed by R. B. Daniel concerning the case of B. F. Thompson and J. M. Lynch v. Drew and Fields Company Native American; Cherokee 4026.1605 ink on paper
Unidentified list of names preceded by digits Native American; Cherokee 4026.3120 ink on paper
Letter from Mary addressed to Aunt Emma concerning teaching school Native American; Cherokee 4026.1960 ink on paper
Letter from H. T. Martin to John Drew concerning Old Settler claims and the killing of two Cherokees Native American; Cherokee 4026.1800 ink on paper
Deposition of Calvin McLain concerning the wrecking of Jesse McClain's boat Native American; Cherokee 4026.1626 ink on paper
Receipt for account of Mrs. C. Drew for the amount of $73.88 Native American; Cherokee 4026.3291 ink on paper
Power of attorney by Eliza McCorkle to C. J. Hanks Native American; Cherokee 4026.2008 ink on paper
Letter from Robert Armstrong to Col. John Drew concerning ponies Native American; Creek 4026.1825 ink on paper
Blank power of attorney to Judge Joseph Bryan in Washington City concerning pensions Native American; Cherokee 4026.1656 ink on paper
Receipt from D. W. Lipe to W. M. West for $181.80 Native American; Cherokee 4026.3311 ink on paper
Letter from John Drew to his sister concerning sending Kate to school Native American; Cherokee 4026.2029 ink on paper
Letter form Edmund L. Massie to Col. John Drew requesting lists of medical officers and monthly report Native American; Cherokee 4026.1843 ink on paper
Letter from Lewis Riley to John Drew Native American; Cherokee 4026.1685 ink on paper
Letter from Joseph Duval to John Drew concerning money owed Native American; Cherokee 4026.3511.18 ink on paper
Permit for Blankenship and Reynolds to labor as farmers in the Canadian District of the Cherokee Nation Native American; Cherokee 4026.2056 ink on paper
Letter from W. P. Adair to Col. John Drew concerning rent for salt works Native American; Cherokee 4026.1861 ink on paper
Note by Nelson Riley concerning cattle from Nancy and John Crossland estate Native American; Cherokee 4026.1744 ink on paper
Empty envelope addressed to Mr. William Robinson Native American; Cherokee 4026.3549.12 ink on paper
Promissory note from Captain Wm. Armstrong to John Drew Native American; Cherokee 4026.1588.18 ink on paper
Copy of Richard W. Hayes' Will Native American; Cherokee 4026.2072 ink on paper