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Tags: Kravis Discovery Center

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Unincised copper-covered stone earspool Southeast, Mississippian 61.14220 Stone, Copper
Large Afton dart point with angular blade edges Northeast, Woodland 61.11888 Stone
Pictorial rug with Native American Church designs Native American; Navajo 99.277 wool, natural and synthetic dyes
Inuit scraper made from wood, leather, and stone Arctic, Inuit 84.1376 Wood, Leather, Stone
Copper point Northeast, Archaic 63.395 Copper
Stone effigy figure of a standing man Mesoamerican 61.8811 stone
Untyped stone projectile point Northeast 61.7311 Stone
Bifacially flaked projectile point with notched stem Woodland 61.63852 Stone
Evans projectile point Southeast, Woodland 61.13231 Stone
Ceramic mold Mesoamerican 54.7562 clay
Ixtlan del Rio style seated female figure supporting a vessel on her head Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.3959 clay, slip, paint
Navajo throw rug Native American; Navajo 97.171 wool, natural and aniline dye
Ceremonial Mississippian sword blade Southeast, Mississippian 61.13645 Stone
Stone Little River projectile point Southeast, Archaic 61.11451 Stone
Incised shell fragment with pigment Southeast, Mississippian 90.1503 Marine Shell, Pigment
Ivory sinker Arctic, Inuit 83.1483 Ivory
Grooved and polished obsidian labret or lip plug Mesoamerican 61.8569 obsidian
Bifacially flaked stone Hardin long stem projectile point Southeast, Woodland 61.8117 Stone
Large-sized stone Clovis lanceolate projectile point Northeast, Paleolithic 61.7188 Stone
Lanceolate projectile point Northeast, Archaic 61.60233 Stone