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Tags: Lake Erie

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Map of the country of the Five Nations American 3926.41 ink on paper
Map of the United States, Northern Mexico, and southern British America George W. Boynton 3916.214
Map of the eastern United States Samuel Augustus Mitchell Creek 3926.115
Map of the United States and Territories D. McClelland, D. McClelland Creek 3926.707
A Map of Louisiana and of the River Mississippi John Senex 39.557
Carte de l'Amérique et des Mers Voisines 3976.76
A Map Exhibiting all the New Discoveries in the Interior Parts of North America Aaron Arrowsmith 3916.180
The Removal of the Cherokee Native American, Cherokee 4027.5291 ink on paper
Copy of letter from Secretary of War J. H. Eaton to Colonel Ward J. L. Hargett, J. H. Eaton American, Creek 4026.77-.9 ink on paper