Tags: Mexican

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Human stone head with ritual ball game regalia Mesoamerican; Vera Cruz 61.8888 stone
Shell pendant Mesoamerican 90.1442 shell
Jade effigy pendant of a face Mesoamerican 55.140 jade
Ceramic human figure head fragment Mesoamerican; Teotihuacan 54.7624 clay
Ceramic human figure head fragment Mesoamerican; Zapotec 54.7387 clay
In the style of an Ixtlan del Rio style hollow seated male and female ceramic conjoined pair possibly Mexican 54.3944 clay, slip, paint
Ceramic effigy rattle Mesoamerican; Mayan 54.3773 clay
Jade effigy pendant Mesoamerican 61.8410 jade
Solid ceramic seated effigy wearing a headdress, earrings, necklace, and clothing Mesoamerican; Mayan 54.3804 clay
Circular jade stone pendant with a circle cut out of the middle Mesoamerican; Mayan 55.191 jade
Ceramic effigy fragment Mesoamerican 54.7678 clay
Small ceramic male figure Mesoamerican 54.7432 clay
Ceramic human figure Mesoamerican; Mayan 54.3849 clay
Grooved and polished obsidian labret or lip plug Mesoamerican 61.8554 obsidian
Ixtlan del Rio style seated female figure supporting a vessel on her head Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.3959 clay, slip, paint
Teotihuacán style stone mask Mesoamerican; Teotihuacan 61.11517 stone
Bird figure whistle Central American; Panamanian, Gran Coclé 54.3409 clay
Small solid ceramic anthropomorphic female figure Mesoamerican; Tlatilco 54.7535 clay
San Sebastian style hollow ceramic human figure Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.4023 clay
Grooved and polished obsidian earspool Mesoamerican 61.8599 obsidian