Tags: Mexican

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Obsidian human effigy figure Mesoamerican 61.8539 obsidian
Ixtlan del Rio style solid ceramic human figure Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.3887 clay, slip, paint
Jade bead necklace Mesoamerican 55.221 jade
Ceramic bowl with painted zoomorphic designs Central American; Panamanian, Gran Coclé 54.3386 clay
Ceramic mold Mesoamerican 54.7501 clay
Standing ceramic polychrome human effigy rattle Mesoamerican; Mayan 54.3871 clay
Jade square bead or pendant Mesoamerican; Mayan 61.8590 jade
Hollow male ceramic funerary effigy Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.4048 clay, slip, paint
Stone Chontal mask Mesoamerican; Chontal 61.8371 stone
Ceramic turtle effigy vessel with geometric designs in black, violet, white, and maroon Central American; Panamanian, Gran Coclé 54.3445 clay
Ceramic mold Mesoamerican 54.7562 clay
Ixtlan del Rio style ceramic funerary effigy Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.4094 clay, slip, paint
Large chipped obsidian spike Mesoamerican 61.8780 obsidian
Jaina Island style solid ceramic seated male figurine Mesoamerican; Mayan 54.7765 clay
Stone mask Mesoamerican 61.8788 stone
Jade human face effigy pendant Mesoamerican 55.149 jade
Ceramic human figure head fragment Mesoamerican 54.7601 clay
Ceramic fertility goddess effigy fragment Mesoamerican; Aztec 54.7291 clay
Obsidian dog effigy Mesoamerican; Teotihuacan 61.8897 obsidian
Comala style standing dog vessel with ear of corn in mouth Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.3471 clay, red slip