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Tags: moccasins

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Sitting Medicine Man Woodrow Wilson Crumbo Native American; Muscogee (Creek), Potawatomi 02.300 gouache on paper
Kiowa Family Lois Smokey Native American; Kiowa 0227.264 tempera on paper
Apache Mother & Child Allan C. Houser Native American; Chiricahua Apache 02.75 tempera on paper
Florida Seminole Indian Fred Beaver Native American; Muscogee (Creek) 0227.53 tempera on paper
Flute Player Archie Blackowl Native American; Cheyenne 0227.45 tempera on paper
War Dance Spencer Asah Native American; Kiowa 0227.40 tempera on paper
Contest Dance Spencer Asah Native American; Kiowa 0227.37 tempera on paper
Eagle Dancer Spencer Asah Native American; Kiowa 0227.33 tempera on paper
Male Dancer James Auchiah Native American; Kiowa 0227.27 tempera on paper
Indians at Work James Auchiah Native American; Kiowa 02.25 tempera on paper
Four Dance Figures James Auchiah Native American; Kiowa 0227.24 tempera on paper
Indian Maiden Friedrich Kurz Swiss 0226.1354 watercolor on paper
Let Them Live & Multiply Willard Stone Native American; Cherokee 13.355 colored pencil on paper
War Chief Alexander Phimister Proctor American 0876.79 bronze
End of the Trail James Earle Fraser, 1876 - 1953 (Artist) American 0827.146 plaster-mold cast in bronze
Appeal to the Great Spirit Cyrus Edwin Dallin, 1861 - 1944 (Artist) American 0827.73 bronze
Indian Chief Sun Dial Charles H. Humphriss American 0827.68 bronze
Western Landscape with Buffalo John Mix Stanley American 0126.1140 oil on canvas
View on Milk River-Min. Territory, Blackfoot Indian Crossing John Mix Stanley American 0126.1138 oil on canvas
Apache Fire Dance Stephen Mopope Native American; Kiowa 0227.331 tempera on paper