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Tags: mountains

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Geyser in the Yellowstone Thomas Hill American 01.1590 oil on canvas
Yosemite Valley #1 Thomas Hill American 01.1580 oil on Masonite
George Washington peace medal with "Animal Husbandry" scene United States 65.43 silver
Watching American Fur Co. boats - Nebraska River Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1027 watercolor
Lake in Wind River Mountains Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1022 watercolor
The Sunset Dance, Taos Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.341 oil on canvas
Blackfeet Tepees - Glacier Park, Montana Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.36 oil on unstretched canvas
Pennated Grouse or Prairie Hens Robert Havell Jr. 0126.2323 Oil on canvas
Game of Chance John Mix Stanley American 01.1137 oil on canvas
Pair of Cooper's Hawks John James Audubon American 01.2321 oil on canvas
Scouts in the Tetons John Mix Stanley American 01.1143 oil on canvas
Packing from Payne Lake Edgar Alwin Payne American 01.2583 oil on canvas
Hills of Lyme Guy Carleton Wiggins American 0127.569 oil on canvas
Dakota Beading Designs Emil William Lenders American 1827.25.2 watercolor and pencil on paper
Cortez Tower, Mexico Thomas Moran English American 01.2346 oil
An Indian Dream Frederic Remington American 01.915 oil on canvas
Going to the Pow Wow Laurence Platt American 01.2355 oil on canvas
Vaqueros Lassoing a Bear James Walker American 0126.1479 oil on canvas
The Overland Trail Frank Tenney Johnson; , Estate of Phillip G. Cole American 0127.1092 Oil on canvas
Big Country Wayne Wolfe American 0127.2431 Oil on canvas