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Tags: Native Americans

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Man's beaded leather leggings with green dye and twisted fringe Unknown Native American; Kiowa 84.1739a-b hide, glass, dye
Beaded leather leggings with mescal beans and yellow dye Unknown Native American; Arapaho 84.1741a-b beans (mescal), hide, glass, dye
Blue glass bowl with Native American Church etchings Unknown Native American 57.500a-b glass
Man's beaded leather leggings with fringe and yellow dye Unknown Native American; Southern Cheyenne 84.1742a-b hide, glass, dye
Drum marbles in assorted colors Unknown Native American 61.107598a-g glass
Woman's blue wool leggings with ribbonwork Unknown; , Bob Block Native American; Osage 84.2957a-b wool, silk
Metal belt buckle with tipi symbol Unknown Native American; Navajo 69.179 glass, hide
Man's beaded leather leggings with yellow pigment and fringe Unknown Native American; Oc'eti S'akowin (Sioux) 84.1738a-b hide, glass, pigment
Carved wooden tray designed by Acee Blue Eagle for a frosted pitcher and set of eight glasses Acee Blue Eagle; , Tim Childress Native American; Muscogee (Creek), Pawnee, Wichita 84.3161a wood
Man's blue wool leggings with ribbonwork Unknown Native American; Osage 84.1151 wool, silk
Beaded leather leggings with geometric patterns Unknown Native American; possibly Kiowa 84.1763a-b hide, glass
Circular miniature shield made of buckskin with painted design Unknown Native American; Kiowa (artist and user) 84.1020 hide, paint
Beaded fan with eagle feathers Unknown Native American 84.221 feather, glass, hide
Eagle feather fan joined together by hide string, used in Peyote ceremony Unknown Native American; Kaw 84.235 feather (eagle), hide, cotton
White and red drum rope for tying water drum Unknown; , Henry Haskell; , Dudly Haskell Native American; Osage 84.2935 nylon
Beaded blanket strip with geometric design Unknown; , Mary and Lawrence Bryan Native American; Kaw 84.3045 hide, glass, cotton
Beaded leather leggings with geometric patterns and fringe Jordan A. Hodgkins; , Unknown Native American; Plains 84.2610a-b hide, glass, paint
Beaded image on hide of christ figure along with tipi, feathers, rattle, and drumstick against multicolored background Unknown Native American 84.3004 glass, hide
Wooden and metal awl with beaded case Unknown Native American; Comanche 84.728a-b wood, metal, hide, glass
Wool leggings with silk ribbonwork Unknown; , Ernest Emmett Thompson Native American; Osage 99.267a-b wool, silk