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Tags: newspaper

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Newspaper article "Pioneer Women Inspiration to Oklahoma" Muriel Hazel Wright; , Tulsa World Native American; Choctaw 4127.128 ink on paper
Newspaper article "Anna Burnham, Mother to Choctaws" Althea Bass; , Tulsa World Native American; Choctaw 4127.129 ink on paper
Newspaper clippings "McCurtain County Ninety-five Years Ago" Edmond J. Gardner Native American; Choctaw 4117.127 ink on paper
Proceedings of Tenth Annual Meeting of the Cherokee Baptist Sunday School Convention Native American; Cherokee 4027.5282 ink on paper
Tennessee Journal newsprint clipping Native American; Cherokee 4126.541 ink on paper
Photocopy of newspaper report of a hearing before the Commission to the Five Tribes Native American; Cherokee 4127.140 ink on paper
Osage group outside the Osage Dispensary and newspaper office Unknown Native American; Osage 4326.4213
Indian Journal Stock Supplement Unknown Native American; Muscogee (Creek) 4326.3935
Jake Homer Finds Picture Making Has Become One of Fine Arts Unknown Native American; Choctaw 4327.3832
Keokuk Newspaper Advertising American 4117.594
Decatur Newspaper Advertisement American 4117.599
101 Ranch Newspaper Article American 4117.631
Young Buffalo Wild West Newspaper Article American 4117.632
101 Ranch Newspaper Article and Advertisement American 4117.636
101 Ranch Coloring Puzzel American 4117.648
101 Ranch Help Wanted Newspaper Advertisement American 4117.693
Seven Newspaper Clippings Unknown American, Cherokee 4126.85.3 paper
Letter from John Beeson to Chief John Ross John Beeson American; Native American; Cherokee 4026.1381-.1 ink on paper
Draft of Letter from Chief John Ross to Globe Newspaper Chief John Ross Native American; Cherokee 4026.898-.3 ink on paper
Indian Refugees in Kansas Unknown American, Cherokee 4126.85.2 ink on paper