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Tags: oil paintings

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Black Ree Joseph Henry Sharp American 0136.486 oil on canvas
Coming Deer Joseph Henry Sharp American 0136.452 oil on canvas
Snake Man Joseph Henry Sharp American 0136.445 oil on canvas
Crow Burial Joseph Henry Sharp American 0136.439 oil on board
Old Coyote Joseph Henry Sharp American 0136.428 oil on canvas
Chief Sun Roads Joseph Henry Sharp American 0136.372 oil on canvas
American Horse Joseph Henry Sharp American 0136.370 oil on canvas
Blackfeet Burning Crow Range Olaf Carl Seltzer American 0137.785 oil on board
Hunters' Home, Park Hill Vinson Lackey American 0127.1402 oil on canvas
Grand Canyon Butte Thomas Moran English American 01.1117 oil on board
Juan Pino (of Santa Fe) Willi Baze Lane Pond American 0127.2390 oil on canvas
Cherokee National Female Seminary, near Park Hill Vinson Lackey American 0127.1435 oil on canvas
Dwight Mission near Marble City 1820 Vinson Lackey American 0127.1434 oil on canvas
Cherokee National Male Seminary, near Park Hill 1850 Vinson Lackey American 0127.1430 oil on canvas
Cherokee Orphan's School, Salina Vinson Lackey American 0127.1384 oil on canvas
Curley, Custer's Scout Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.430 oil on canvas
Elk Rosa Bonheur French 01.1228 oil on canvas
Chamiso Along the Roadside Oscar Edmund Berninghaus American 01.2085 oil on linen canvas
Pueblo Cliff Dwelling William Robinson Leigh American 01.1083 oil on canvas
Sheep, Big Horn William Robinson Leigh American 01.1070 oil on canvas board