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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Fort at Quebec Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2186 ink on paper
Deer Lick and Waterhole Olaf Carl Seltzer American 02.1133 watercolor on paper
Race to the Barn Charles Banks Wilson American 14.689 lithograph on paper
Keams Canyon, Arizona William Robinson Leigh American 01.133 oil on canvas board
Possibly Lake View Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4327.3705a-b gelatin silver process
Quanah Parker Unknown Native American; Comanche 4336.3858
Keams Canyon, Arizona William Robinson Leigh American 0137.125 oil on canvas board
Moonlight 44/50 Alexandre Hogue American 14.291 lithograph on paper
Pack Peddler Merritt Thomas Mauzey American 14.51 lithograph on paper
Canyon de Chelley [sic], Arizona Navajo William Robinson Leigh American 0137.962 oil on canvas
Wapiti, Wyoming William Robinson Leigh American 0137.940 oil on canvas board
San Meiguel John Ross Browne American 0236.708 ink, pen, and wash on paper
The Blue Pool Fremont F. Ellis American 01.1136 oil on canvas