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Tags: peace

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Letter to Henry Ross from Lewis Ross, Grand Saline, Cherokee Nation listing delegates in Washington and Neighbors Native American; Cherokee 4026.285.1 ink on paper
Letter from Henry C. Ross, Nazareth Hall, to his father, Lewis Ross, indicating he had been sick with the mumps and asks ab out their house being burned down Native American; Cherokee 4026.274 ink on paper
Letter from Henry C. Ross at Nazareth Hall to Lewis Ross regarding school and his concern for the Cherokees back home Native American; Cherokee 4026.267 ink on paper
Letter from Henry C. Ross to his father, Lewis Ross regarding his concern for the Cherokee people in the Nation, being killed by the Rebels Native American; Cherokee 4026.261-.1 ink on paper
The Midnight Dance (Peace Dance of Long Ago) Velino Shije Herrera Native American; Zia Pueblo 02.397 tempera
Prayers for Health & Peace Jack Hokeah Native American; Kiowa 02.96 tempera
Unidentified Osage man Unknown Native American; Osage 4326.4413
Copy of Letter from Chief John Ross to Georgia Governor George R. Gilmer Chief John Ross Native American; Cherokee 4026.556-.1 ink on paper
Letter from Brigadier General Matthew Arbuckle to Chief John Ross Matthew Arbuckle Native American; Cherokee 4026.765-.1 ink on paper
Copy of Letter from Chief John Ross to General Matthew Arbuckle Chief John Ross Native American; Cherokee 4026.794 ink on paper
Peace Pipe Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.833 Pencil on paper
Peace Charles Marion Russell American 0837.20 cast in bronze
International Peace Effort Willard Stone; , Willard Stone Native American; Cherokee 1127.55 cherry wood
George III peace medal American Colonial 65.13 silver
Silver peace medal European 65.50 silver
Silver peace medal with "Happy While United" type European 65.57 silver
King Louis Philippe donative medal French 65.58 silver
George Washington peace medal with "Spinning" scene American 65.14 silver
James Madison peace medal, 2nd size United States 65.39 silver
King George II silver peace medal European 65.19 silver