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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
101 Ranch Help Wanted Newspaper Advertisement American 4117.693
Montana's Hills and Plains Lure Artist Who Loves Great Outdoors American TU2009.39.5364 paper
Great Painter Here, Tells Art Secret: Charles Russell, L. A. Visitor, Declares He Learned Vocation From Nature American TU2009.39.5582 paper
Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper American TU2009.39.8358.1-15 Paper
A Child of the Frontier American TU2009.39.5345.1 paper
Ride of Many Cattle Ranges Preserves Life of Old West in Paintings of Ranch Life American TU2009.39.5365 paper
State of Montana Owns One of C. M. Russell's Finest Works: Lewis and Clark American TU2009.39.5583.3 paper
Ellis Review American TU2009.39.8368 Paper
A Child of the Frontier American TU2009.39.5345.2 paper
Sunset on the Range American TU2009.39.5346 paper
Seltzer's Work Wins Success American TU2009.39.5366 paper
Russell Rose From Real Cowpuncher To Highest Paid Painter of West American TU2009.39.5584 paper
The Pony Express American TU2009.39.8370 Paper
Prince of Wales Pay $10,000 for Russell Painting American TU2009.39.5347 paper
The Mad Cow American TU2009.39.5367 paper
Slipping The Lariat Over by Will Rogers American TU2009.39.5585.1 paper
Desert Books American TU2009.39.8371 Paper
Thousands Visit Annual Art Exhibit on Opening Night: Display Pronounced Finest Show Ever in Northwest American TU2009.39.5348 paper
Russell Work Makes Center for Art Here: Great Falls has Gained a Place in the Art world American TU2009.39.5368 paper
Russell Sells $10,000 Canvas to Oil Magnate American TU2009.39.5585.2 paper