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Tags: periodicals

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Clipping from Republican Banner Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.692 ink on paper
Fechin--The Tartar American TU2009.39.8064 Paper
Purchase of Russell Cabin for Memorial Decided Upon American TU2009.39.5356 paper
Sunday Tribune dated 30 December 1945 American TU2009.39.5577 paper
Appalling Fire in Chicago Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.8030 Paper
Two Newspaper Clippings Criticizing "Mr. Ross and His Friends" Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.947-.1 ink on paper
Branding Irons American TU2009.39.8072 Paper
On the Side with E. V. Durling American TU2009.39.8073 Paper
Spirit of Old West Lives in Paintings Of Late Cowboy-Artist American TU2009.39.5357 paper
Great Falls Urged to Provide Safe Repository For Collection of Charles M. Russell's Works American TU2009.39.5578 paper
Two pages from the newspaper The Companion American TU2009.39.8034 Paper
Indian Arrow March 8, 1890 American, Cherokee 4126.85.1 ink on paper
Sam Jones, The Evangelist Unknown American, Cherokee 4126.85.6 ink on paper
Russell Scorns Film Cowboy and Santa Barbara Climate, but City Claims him as Son American TU2009.39.5360 paper
Gives View of Art Collection American TU2009.39.5579.1 paper
A page from the Pastor's Aid of St. Marks Church American TU2009.39.8037 Paper
Indian Refugees in Kansas Unknown American, Cherokee 4126.85.2 ink on paper
From Charles M. Russell to Herbert Johnson Charles Marion Russell; , Herbert Johnson American TU2009.39.485 ink on paper
Records Disclose American TU2009.39.5362 paper
Russell Day in the Chico School American TU2009.39.5579.2 paper