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Tags: portraits

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Study for "The Last of His Tribe" Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2217 conté crayon on paper
Scout Olaf Carl Seltzer American 0237.1265a-b watercolor on paper and mat board
Village Hag Olaf Carl Seltzer American 0237.1304a-b watercolor on paper and mat board
Pshan-shaw, the Sweet Scented Grass George Catlin; , Unknown American 01.2183 oil on canvas
Retrato de mi Hijo Feliciano Peña Mexican 01.2007 oil on canvas
Tcha-aes-ka-ding, Blackfoot Boy George Catlin American 0126.2184 oil on canvas
The Strong Wind, Ojibheway War Chief Louisa Corbaux British 02.668 watercolor on paper
Nebet New Quah, Ojibbeway - Wife of Sahma - Age 23 Louisa Corbaux British 02.669 watercolor on paper
Portrait of Sahma (an Ojibbeway Youth - Age 23) Louisa Corbaux British 02.670 watercolor on paper
We Nish Ka We Bee, Flying Gull Fanny Corbaux British 02.671 watercolor on paper
Nib Nab E Qua (Child) Louisa Corbaux British 02.672 watercolor on paper
Chief Hollow Horn Bear Preston Fitzgerald Native American; Sioux 02.1002 watercolor
Chief Bearfoot Preston Fitzgerald 02.1003 watercolor
Two Moons-Cheyenne Indian Frank Knickerbocker Native American; Otoe 02.220 watercolor
Satanta-White Bear - Kiowa Indian Leader Frank Knickerbocker Native American; Otoe 02.221 watercolor
Quanah Parker - Kwahadi Comanche Indian Leader Frank Knickerbocker Native American; Otoe 02.222 watercolor
Portrait Woodrow Wilson Big Bow Native American; Kiowa 02.359 tempera on mat board
Na-tu-ya Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.400 oil on canvas board
Chief Little Calf Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.500 oil on canvas
Looks on the Ground Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.480 oil on canvas board