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Tags: portraits

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Billy Bowlegs John Gunter American 13.468 pastel on paper
The Old Man, Tom Gilcrease Willard Stone; , Willard Stone Native American; Cherokee 1127.63 wood
Sitting Bull Carl Kauba Austrian 0876.88 bronze
Theodore Roosevelt Louis L. Leach 0827.156 brass
Self Portrait (Vinson Lackey) Vinson Lackey American 01.1449 oil on canvas
Portrait of Jefferson Davis, President of the South during the Civil War John A. Muckelbauer American 01.2417 oil on canvas
Hayue Hudjihini, Eagle of Delight Charles Bird King American 0126.2222 oil on panel
Shaumonekupsse (Prairie Wolf) Charles Bird King American 0126.2221 oil on wood
Red Jacket George Catlin American 01.2182 oil on canvas
Daniel Webster George Caleb Bingham American 01.1183 oil on canvas
River Man Charles Deas American 01.1151 oil on paper
John Golden Ross John Mix Stanley American 0126.1149 oil on canvas
William Potter Ross John Mix Stanley American 0126.1147 oil on canvas
Self Portrait John Mix Stanley American 0126.1139 oil on canvas
Portrait of John Calhoun James Bogle American 01.1014 oil on canvas
Chief Justice John Marshall John Wesley Jarvis American 0126.1011 oil on canvas
Judge Shorty White Grass Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.392 oil on canvas
White Swan-Crow Joseph Henry Sharp American 1437.587 etching on paper
Goes Ahead Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.404 oil on canvas
Eagle Boy Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.424 oil on canvas