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Tags: pottery

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Panamanian ceramic jar from Veraguas Central American; Panamanian, Gran Coclé 54.3453 clay
Polychrome ceramic jar Native American; Zuni 54.4361 clay
Large black ceramic bowl Maria Martinez; , Santana Martinez Native American; San Ildefonso 54.4284 ceramic
Polychrome ceramic figure with black and white designs on red-slipped base Native American; Cochiti 54.4364 clay, paint
Ceramic jar Nampeyo Native American; Hopi Tewa 54.4409 earthenware
Ceramic fertility goddess with child effigy Mesoamerican; Aztec 54.7283 clay
Solid ceramic anthropomorphic female figurine Mesoamerican; Tlatilco 54.7397 clay
Ceramic human figure head fragment Mesoamerican 54.7631 clay
Polychrome ceramic bowl painted with various designs in black on a buff background Native American; Cochiti 54.4366 clay, paint
Ceramic Chupicuaro "Formative Period" anthropomorphic effigy bottle Mesoamerican; Chupicuaro 54.4256 clay, red slip
Small ceramic male figure Mesoamerican 54.7432 clay
Ceramic olla jar with matte black intaglio serpent design in contrast to a polished black surface Rose Gonzales Native American; San Ildefonso 54.4322 clay
Polychrome ceramic shoe effigy bottle with black and red designs on white background Native American; Isleta 54.4365 clay, paint
Ceramic wedding vase with excised serpent design and polished black finish Teresita Naranjo Native American; Santa Clara 54.4324 clay
Ceramic monkey effigy pendant Mesoamerican; Aztec 54.7284 clay
Ceramic figure of a seated female Mesoamerican; Tlatilco 54.7400 clay
Male ceramic figure Mesoamerican; Tlachmanalco 54.7652 clay
Polychrome ceramic olla jar Native American; Laguna 54.4392 clay, paint
Ceramic plate painted with black and red design Mesoamerican; Aztec 54.7308 clay, slip, paint
Ceramic mold Mesoamerican 54.7501 clay