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Tags: Pre-Columbian

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Jade effigy pendant Mesoamerican 55.172 jade
Stone effigy figure of a standing man Mesoamerican 61.8806 stone
Ceramic stamp (sello) Mesoamerican; Aztec 54.7519 clay
Grooved and polished obsidian labret or lip plug Mesoamerican 61.8561 obsidian
Jade effigy pendant Mesoamerican; Mayan 55.230 jade
Incised shell effigy Mesoamerican 90.1463 shell
Large bi-facially chipped obsidian blade Mesoamerican 61.8785 obsidian
Ceramic human figure head effigy fragment Mesoamerican 54.7587 clay
Ceramic human effigy head fragment Mesoamerican; Teotihuacan 54.7755 clay
Standard sized axe shaped smelted copper Mesoamerican; Tarascan 63.258 copper
Ceramic platter Central American; Panamanian, Gran Coclé 54.3430 clay
Tajin ceramic effigy figurine fragment of head with ear spools and headdress Mesoamerican 54.7427 clay
Jaina Island style solid ceramic effigy whistle, wearing a headdress, earrings, bracelets, and clothing Mesoamerican; Mayan 54.3812 clay
Ceramic monkey figure fragment Mesoamerican 54.7669 clay
Tripod composite jar with multiple nodes around perimeter Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.3489 clay, burnished red slip
Polychrome ceramic human effigy rattle Mesoamerican; Mayan 54.3838 clay
Ceramic seated human figure Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.3472 clay
Nayarit style hollow ceramic human figure Mesoamerican; West Mexican 54.3966 clay, slip, paint
Circular jade stone pendant with a circle cut out of the middle Mesoamerican; Mayan 55.192 jade
Small solid ceramic anthropomorphic female figure Mesoamerican; Tlatilco 54.7535 clay