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Tags: property

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Printed text of address to Cherokee by James M. Bell and Sut Beck Unknown Native American, Cherokee 3026.269
Untitled typescript page describing hangings on the Red River Native American; Choctaw 4027.4594 ink on paper
Paper lease agreement Dominic Daniels, Dominic Daniels, Unknown American (artist), Native American; Osage (user) 77.47 paper, ink
Map of Cherokee allotments in T27N/R12E, sections 25 and 36 3927.867
Letter from E. H. English to I. T. Adair mentioning the period of carpetbaggers and the process of the common law of property E. H. English American 4026.3593 ink on paper
A certificate of sale of a lot in Clarksville, Georgia from Thomas A. Word to John Bryan for Twelve Dollars Native American, Cherokee 4026.254 ink on paper
The Removal of the Cherokee Native American, Cherokee 4027.5291 ink on paper
Power of Attorney for Father or Mother for Child's Property for Lucy Silk Native American, Cherokee 5127.513.1 ink on paper
Claim by Jesse McLain against Cherokee Nation when his keelboat was sunk by steamboat Victoria Native American, Cherokee 4026.1633 ink on paper
Officer certification in duplicate for purchase of one oxen from John Drew for the Confederate States Native American, Cherokee 4026.1789.7 ink on paper
Certified copy of John Drew's last will and testament Native American, Cherokee 4026.1794 ink on paper
Extract of Special Orders No. 127 by Brigadier General Cooper Native American, Cherokee 4026.1839 ink on paper
Bond for costs in court case of J. L. Clark vs. John Robinson over possession of a pony mare Native American, Cherokee 4027.3093 ink on paper
Fragment of a bill of sale of a slave girl Native American, Cherokee 4026.1562 ink on paper
Fragment of a sheet showing the division of sixteen Negro slaves between Richard Ratcliffe and Thomas Chisholm Estate Native American, Cherokee 4026.1574 ink on paper
Deed by William Dutch of one Negro boy to John Drew Native American, Cherokee 4026.1653 ink on paper
Resolution of National Committee and Council J. L. Hargett, Unknown Native American, Cherokee 4026.120 ink on paper
Proclamation by Chief John Ross John Ross, J. L. Hargett Native American, Cherokee 4026.8440 ink on paper
From Nancy C. Russell to Caspar Whitney Nancy C Russell, Caspar Whitney American TU2009.39.893.1-2 ink on paper
Certification by Chamana to Cherokee Delegation Chamana, J. L. Hargett Native American, Cherokee 4026.129 ink on paper