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Tags: rituals (events)

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Leather wrapped feather fan Unknown Native American 84.232 hide, feather
Carved wooden drumstick with a rhinestone tip Unknown Native American 84.3158 wood
Black tapered wooden drumstick with grooved handle Unknown Native American 95.37 wood
Wooden drumstick Unknown Native American 73.755 wood
Felt beaded breechcloth Unknown; , Emil William Lenders Native American; possibly Potawatomi, Winnebago, or Blackfoot 97.22 glass, felt
Wooden drumstick Unknown Native American 73.757 wood
Cotton dress with tree and cloud design Martha Dunn Native American; Euchee 99.235 cotton, thread
Wooden drumstick Unknown Native American 73.763 wood
Lavender and blue calico cotton dress with floral pattern Julia Winningham Native American; Euchee 99.238 cotton, plastic
Breechcloth with greasy yellow beads and ribbon work worn for both fancy and straight dances Unknown Native American; possibly Otoe (artist and user) 84.1144 glass, silk, wool
Native American Church fan with waterbird feathers and beaded handle Joseph Rice Native American; Sac & Fox 84.3126 feather, hide, glass, metal
Painted wooden fan Unknown Native American; Navajo 84.3143 wood, glass, paint
Native American Church beaded fan handle with geometric designs Ernest Mihecoby Native American; Comanche 84.2993 wood, glass, brass, hide, horsehair, dye
Wooden Apache fiddle with carved geometric designs Unknown Native American; Apache, Western (artist and user) 73.710 wood, paint
Wool beaded breechcloth with ribbonwork Unknown Native American; Tonkawa 84.1146 glass, wool, silk
Wooden game stick with leather netting Unknown Native American; Seminole 73.240 hide, wood
Osage beaded black felt breech cloth with handmade lace and floral design Unknown Native American; Osage 84.1159 handmade lace, glass, felt
Clear glass tumbler with graphic of a dancer by Woody Crumbo Woodrow Wilson Crumbo, 1912 - 1989 (Artist) Native American; Muscogee (Creek), Potawatomi 57.513 glass
Child's wool beaded breechcloth Unknown Native American; possibly Osage 84.2122 wool, cotton, glass
Fan with beaded handle and feather quills wrapped in hide Ernest Mihecoby, 1904 - 1982, Native American; Comanche (Artist) Native American; Comanche and Kiowa 84.2973 feather, hide, glass