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Tags: skirts

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Requiem José Clemente Orozco Mexican 1447.158 lithograph on paper
Laundry Day Jesús Guerrero Galván Mexican 0247.996 watercolor
The Carriers Acee Blue Eagle Native American; Creek, Pawnee 02.377 tempera
Fort Reno Ledger Drawing Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 4526.19.28
Learning To Take Pollen From Corn Gerald Nailor Native American; Navajo 02.185 tempera on paper
Navaho [sic] Sheep Herders Harrison Begay Native American; Navajo 02.156 tempera on paper
Apache Mother & Child Allan C. Houser Native American; Chiricahua Apache 02.75 tempera on paper
Eleanora C. Ross John Mix Stanley American 0126.1148 Oil on canvas
The Snake Dance Frederick Forms Horter American 0827.110 bronze
American Forest Scene- Maple Sugaring Nathaniel Currier; , Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait American 1526.558 lithograph with watercolor (hand coloring) on paper
Cherokee Man and Wife Cecil Dick Native American; Cherokee 0227.1715 gouache on paper
Las Poblanos - Vista General de Puebla Pierre Frédéric Lehnert 1546.50 planographic print on paper
Seminole Making Sofkey Fred Beaver Native American; Creek 0227.531 tempera on paper
Lunch among the Pinons Unknown American TU2009.39.7650.20 gelatin silver process
Pioneer Woman Olaf Carl Seltzer American 0237.1234 watercolor on paper; matboard
Navaho Woman Spinning Harrison Begay Native American; Navajo, American 02.160 tempera
Navajo Shepherdess Harrison Begay Native American; Navajo 02.499 tempera on paper
Louis XV silver peace medal of "Honos et Virtu" type French 65.53 silver
Emerson Hough Pays Tribute to Russell American TU2009.39.5501.1 Paper
Wooden standing kachina Native American; Hopi 73.735 wood, pigment, cottonwood