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Tags: southeast

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Map of the colonies of Virginia and Maryland Emanuel Bowen 3926.195
Americae Pars, Nunc Virginia Dicta, Primum ab Anglis Inventa Sumtibus Dn Walteri Raleigh Theodor de Bry 3975.226
Hand-drawn map of Richmond-Norfolk, Virginia area American 3926.221 ink on paper
Floridae Americae Provinciae Recens et Exactissima Descriptio Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues 3975.591
Map of Arkansas and Indian Territory G.W. & C.B. Colton and Company 3926.236
A New Map of the Cherokee Nation with the Names of the Towns and Rivers Thomas Kitchin 3976.550a-c
Early map of the colony of Virginia William Hole 3926.248
Map of North Carolina and South Carolina Henry Mouzon Jr. 3976.553
Western Florida American 3926.253 ink on paper
Map of the United States of America French Thierry 3976.554
Louisiana Samuel Lewis 3926.257
An Accurate Map of Louisiana and the Territory in Dispute between the English and French George Rollos 3976.555
Progress Map of the U. S. Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian George Montague Wheeler 3926.360
A Map of Louisiana and of the River Mississippi John Senex 3976.557
Survey of the coast of West Florida from Pensacola to Cape Blaise George Gauld 3926.564
Carved wooden bow Yellow Wolf Native American; Cherokee (artist and user) 73.204 wood
Double walled buckbrush round reed basket with walnut and bloodroot dye Ella Mae Blackbear Native American; Cherokee (artist and user) 71.760 buckbrush, walnut, bloodroot
Child's milk can dance rattles Clifford Littlebear Native American; Euchee 84.2885a-b tin, hide, wire, brass, stone
Woven yarn belt made of commerical yarn colored in maroon and white worn during a stick ball game Wilma Harley Bear Native American; Muscogee (Creek) 95.31 wool
Tin tomato can dance shakers with leather straps Clifford Littlebear Native American; Euchee 84.2888a-b tin, leather, brass, stone