Tags: Southeastern

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Double walled twill plaited basket Unknown Native American; Natchez, possibly Choctaw 71.519 river cane
Human effigy pipe appearing to hold a large rattle in his left hand Southeast; Mississippian 61.200 flint clay (often called Arkansas Bauxite) and catlinite
Avenue Polychrome Bottle with Painted Face Designs Southeast, Missisippian 54.1186 Clay, shells, painted, polished
Trailed Effigy Bottle with Two Human Faces Southeast, Mississippian 54.1298 Clay, grog, trailed
Carson Red on Buff Bottle with Scroll Motifs Southeast, Mississippian 54.1530 Clay, shells, painted
Stone spud or spatulate Southeast, Mississippian 61.1968 Stone
Belcher Engraved Legged Bottle Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.2020 Clay, grog, engraved, notching, polished
Stone gorget with two holes Southeast, Mississippian 61.314 Stone
Hodges Engraved Carinated Bowl Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.446 Clay, temper, grog, engraved, polished, staining
Large cazuela bowl Southeast, Caddo 54.675 Ceramic
Ceramic elbow pipe Southeast, Mississippian 54.4642 Ceramic
Human effigy bowl with a man's head wearing a high pointed cap and conventionalized tail on rim Southeast, Mississippian 54.1475 ceramic
Stone spud (spatulate) Southeast, Mississippian 61.1131 Stone
Mississippi Plain Feline Effigy Bowl Southeast, Mississippian 54.1129 Clay, temper, shells, incised
Incised stone earspool with whirlwind design Southeast, Mississippian 61.14211 Stone
Plain Seed Jar Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.1548 Clay, limestone
Stone spud or spatulate with a single drilled hole Southeast, Mississippian 61.1969 Stone
Avenue Polychrome Painted Bottle with Cross in Circle Motif Southeast, Mississippian 54.2547 Clay, shells, painted
Stone gorget with two holes in center Southeast, Prehistoric 61.3472 Stone
Keno Trailed Bottle with Concentric Squares and Semicircle Motifs Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.447 Clay, grog, shells, trailed