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Tags: Southwest Arkansas

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Trailed Effigy Bottle with Two Human Faces Southeast, Mississippian 54.1298 Clay, grog, trailed
Quartz butterfly bannestone Southeast, Archaic 61.877 Stone
Stone scraper Unknown 61.11089 Stone
Means Engraved Effigy Quadripod Vessel Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.1651 Clay, shells, engraved
PLain Animal Effigy Bowl Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.443 Clay, grog, engraved, notching
Copper Celt Northeast, Woodland 63.111 Copper
Stone Cache River projectile point Southeast, Archaic 61.11146 Stone
Carson Red on Buff Bowl Triangle and Semicircle Motifs Southeast, Mississippian 54.1658 Clay, temper, shells, mica, painted
Keno Trailed Bottle with Concentric Squares and Semicircle Motifs Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.447 Clay, grog, shells, trailed
Copper Celt Northeast, Hopewell 63.114 Copper
Stone Cache River projectile point Southeast, Archaic 61.11157 Stone
Carson Red on Buff Bowl Southeast, Mississippian 54.1663 Clay, shells, painted
Adair Engraved Bottle Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.753 Clay, grog, appliqued, engraved, notching, polished
Copper pin Northeast, Hopewell 63.166 Copper
Dickson projectile point Southeast, Woodland 61.11912 Stone
Old Town Red Teapot Shaped Bottle Southeast, Mississippian 54.1668 Clay, shells, slip
Natchitoches Engraved Bowl with Scroll Motifs Southeast, Prehistoric Caddo 54.895 Clay, grog, engraved
Copper Celt Northeast, Hopewell 63.6 Copper
Siltstone gorget Southeast, Prehistoric 61.12854 Stone, siltstone
French Fork Incised Jar Southeast, Fouche Maline 54.1753 Clay, grog, slip, mica, incised, punctated