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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Ship at Sea Thomas Moran American 15.412 printing ink on paper
A Portrait of the Kind Old Sheriff Earl Biss Jr. Native American; Apsáalooke (Crow), Ojibwe 13.3922 ballpoint pen on paper
The Healer Franklin Fireshaker Native American; Ponca 02.571 tempera on paper
Indian Self-Rule: Ledger Drawing, Kiowa Year 1849 Navarre Scott Momaday Native American; Kiowa 17.68.2 ink and watercolor on paper
Beaded strip with geometric designs Unidentified Native American; Osage (artist and user) 57.110 glass
Woven beaded strip with 5 star design for cradleboard Unidentified Native American; Osage, Nez Perce 84.1875 wool, glass
Hide bag with beaded design on one side Unidentified Native American 84.559 hide, glass
Man's beaded vest with star and target designs and red paisley lining Unidentified Native American; possibly Cheyenne or Sioux 84.2389 hide, glass, cotton
Brass wall handing with stainless steel chain Chief Kent Porter, Sr., Chief Kent Porter, Sr. Native American; Cowlitz 69.162 brass, stainless steel
Brass wall hanging of messenger bird with crescent moon and star cutouts Chief Kent Porter, Sr., Chief Kent Porter, Sr. Native American; Cowlitz 69.163 metal, silver, brass
Silver bolo tie or scarf slide Ernest Emmett Thompson, Mary and Lawrence Bryan, Unidentified Native American; Southern Plains 69.166 German silver
Jar shaped coiled basket with geometric designs Unidentified Native American; Apache, Western (artist and user) 71.803 willow
Fort Reno Ledger Drawing Unidentified Native American; Arapaho, Cheyenne 4526.11.21
Judge Skunk Joseph Henry Sharp American 01.433 oil on canvas
Bacon Rind Unidentified Native American, Osage 4327.4329a-b
Unidentified Sioux man Unidentified Native American, Sioux 4326.4709
To-sho-way or Silver Knife Unidentified Native American, Comanche 4336.3871
Brass tie slide with crescent holding a six point star with swastika Unidentified, Mary and Lawrence Bryan, Ernest Emmett Thompson Native American; possibly Kiowa (artist and user) 69.165 brass, German silver
Wife's Tombstone George Catlin American 13.501 graphite on paper
Newspaper clipping corncerning Charles M. Russell Indian illustration to be used in book American TU2009.39.5162 paper