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Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Smoke Signals from Blue Eagle's Tee-Pee Acee Blue Eagle Native American; Muscogee (Creek), Pawnee 13.1987 india ink on illustration board
Florida Seminole family Fred Beaver; , Raymond and Miriam Freedman Native American; Muscogee (Creek), Seminole 02.1921 gouache on board
The Kiowa Burial Spencer Asah Native American; Kiowa 02.389 Tempera on illustration paper
A Hiawatha Scene Thomas Moran; , Peter Moran English American 14.390 printing ink on paper
Black Hills Jane McCarty Mauldin Native American; Choctaw 02.1811 Watercolor on board
Jumping Deer Bert D. Seabourn; , James and Rosemarie Waggoner Native American; Cherokee descent 02.2005 watercolor on card stock
The Wild Ones Quincy Tahoma Native American; Navajo (Diné) 02.2110 Tempera on board
Ancient Buffalo Song Larry Hood Native American; Comanche 02.2074 Watercolor on paper
Anasazi Puberty Ceremony Joe Hilario Herrera Native American; Cochiti 02.2078 Casein on paper
Sun Dancer 2 Spencer Asah Native American; Kiowa 13.1261 graphite on paper
Modern Masterpieces of American Indian Art - Subtitle: Two Deer Gerald Nailor; , Louie H. Ewing; , The Rydal Press Native American; Navajo (Diné) 17.56.4 Silkscreen on paper
I Fly Beyond the Sky Jimalee Chitwood Burton Native American; Cherokee 01.1939 oil on board
Buffalo Hunt Parker Boyiddle Jr. Native American; Kiowa, Delaware 01.2506 Acrylic on canvas
Indian Legends from New Hampshire W. Richard West Native American; Southern Cheyenne 01.2296 oil on canvas, possibly acrylic
Setting Sun in the Mountains Thomas Moran American 02.767 watercolor over graphite on paper
From Acambaro, West Thomas Moran American 02.821 watercolor and graphite on newsprint
Corn Legend Jimalee Chitwood Burton Native American; Cherokee 02.1746 gesso, sand and oil on board
Ready for a Raid Allan C. Houser Native American; Chiricahua Apache 02.175 tempera on paper
Buffalo Hunt Harrison Begay; , Harrison Begay Native American; Navajo (Diné) 02.369 tempera on paper
Medicine Man and Patient Stephen Mopope, August 27, 1898 - February 1974, Native American; Kiowa (Artist) Native American; Kiowa 02.537 tempera on paper