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Tags: treaty

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Rejected Act of National Council to Repeal Act of 1854 Unknown American; Native American; Cherokee 5126.824 ink on paper
Victorian silver peace medal European 65.52 silver
Martin Van Buren peace medal,1st size United States 65.40 silver
George Washington engraved peace medal United States 65.21 silver
Silver peace medal European 65.56 silver
George Washington Seasons peace medal with "Sower" scene George Washington, John Trumbull, Conrad Heinrich Küchler United States 60.155 silver
Memo by Chief John Ross Concerning Information to be Sought in Washington City Concerning Two Reservation Claims. Chief John Ross Native American; Cherokee 4026.1129 ink on paper
Zachary Taylor peace medal United States 65.48 silver
William Temple Franklin Mather Brown American 01.1016 oil on canvas
National Council Resolution Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.1198 ink on paper
Silver peace medal stamped "1860" and with the crest of the Prince of Wales European 65.51 silver
Letter from John Ross to Gales and Seaton Chief John Ross Native American; Cherokee 4026.29a-a.2 ink on paper
Certification that Nation has given John Drew an Order to the Agent Regarding Treaty of 1828 John Drew Native American; Cherokee 4026.126 ink on paper
Silver peace medal with "Happy While United" type European 65.57 silver
Letter from Duncan Campbell, James Meriwether, Thomas Radcock, and James Blair to Cherokee Chiefs, Headmen, and Warriors Duncan Campbell American 4026.28 ink on paper
Copy of Remarks of Andrew Jackson John Glappell American 4026.1978.1-.4 ink on paper
James Garfield peace medal United States 65.46 silver
Thomas Jefferson peace medal United States 65.17 silver
Letter from Cherokee Delegation to George Graham Unknown Native American; Cherokee 4026.23-.1 ink on paper
Sheet Regarding Treaty Negotiations Unknown American 4026.3044.3 ink on paper