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Tags: vessel

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Polychrome ceramic jar Native American; Zuni 54.4361 clay
Crucita's ceramic olla Joseph Henry Sharp Collection San Juan Pueblo 5437.4430 Earthenware
McDonald corrugated/incised bowl with smudged interior Southwest, Mogollon 54.2837 Ceramic
Ceramic polychrome jar with hand-painted bird design Maria Martinez; , Popovi Da Native American; San Ildefonso 54.7900 clay
Corrugated jar with strap handle Southwest, Ancestral Puebloan 54.3200 Ceramic
Polychrome ceramic frog effigy jar with black, brown, and red designs on a white background Native American; Zuni 54.4357 clay
Ceramic jar with red and black "bird" design on off-white background Native American; Acoma 54.4426 clay, paint
Kanutchee Bowl or Sofka Bowl Willard Stone; , Willard Stone Native American; Cherokee 1127.12 walnut wood
Male ceramic figure Mesoamerican; Tlachmanalco 54.7652 clay
Small ceramic male figure Mesoamerican 54.7432 clay
Single walled plaited sifter tray with double rim Unknown Native American; Cherokee (artist and user) 71.518 rivercane, walnut
Ceramic corrugated jar Southwest, Ancestral Puebloan 54.2934 Ceramic
Ceramic jar with excised serpent design Teresita Naranjo Native American; Santa Clara 54.7904 clay
Corrugated jar with handle Southwest, Ancestral Puebloan 54.3205 Ceramic
Polychrome ceramic figure with black and white designs on red-slipped base Native American; Cochiti 54.4364 clay, paint
Ceramic female figure Mesoamerican; Tlatilco 54.7396 clay
Three Artifacts, numbers 10, 11, 12 Johann Friedrich Waldeck 17.8.15 lithograph on paper
Ceramic human figure Mesoamerican; Tlatilco 54.7753 clay
Ceramic cylinder form vessel Mesoamerican; Mayan 54.7464 clay, slip, paint
Hickory rib basket with interwoven handle Unknown Native American; Cherokee (artist and user) 71.523 hickory