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Tags: vessel

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Polychrome ceramic bowl with kachina design Nampeyo Native American; Hopi 54.4408 clay, paint
Ixtlan del Rio style solid ceramic anthropomorphic human figurine Mesoamerican; Tlatilco 54.7541 clay
Black on white seed jar Southwest, Ancestral Puebloan 54.3014 Ceramic
Ceramic Chupicuaro "Formative Period" anthropomorphic effigy bottle Mesoamerican; Chupicuaro 54.4256 clay, red slip
Ramos polychrome ceramic olla jar Southwest, Casas Grandes 54.2570 Ceramic
Polychrome ceramic jar Native American; Zuni 54.4359 clay
Tusayan white ware and Kayenta black on white type bowl with handle Southwest, Ancestral Puebloan 54.3097 Ceramic
Rivercane and white oak planter basket Emmaline Garrett Native American; Cherokee (artist and user) 71.750 rivercane, white oak, butternut, bloodroot, walnut
Polychrome ceramic bottle Native American; Cochiti 54.4310 clay, paint
Ceramic jar Nampeyo Native American; Hopi Tewa 54.4409 earthenware
Polychrome ceramic bowl painted with various designs in black on a buff background Native American; Cochiti 54.4366 clay, paint
Ceramic mold Mesoamerican 54.7542 clay
Large ceramic Chupicuaro "Formative Period" vessel Mesoamerican; Chupicuaro 54.4228 clay, slip, paint
Ceramic plate painted with black and red design Mesoamerican; Aztec 54.7308 clay, slip, paint
Globular shaped olla made from micaecous clay Native American; Picuris 54.2659 earthenware
Single walled twill plaited rivercane basket Cindy Hale; , Unknown Native American; Choctaw 96.45 rivercane
Jeddito black on yellow type bowl Southwest, Ancestral Puebloan 54.3156 Ceramic
Single weave rivercane sewing basket with aniline dye Susan Denson Native American; Choctaw 71.751 rivercane, aniline dye
Polychrome ceramic jar Native American; Acoma 54.4311 clay, paint
Hano polychrome ceramic olla jar Native American; Hopi 54.4411 clay, paint