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Tags: water

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Pueblo & Bridge Thomas Moran American 01.1114 oil on board
Flight into Egypt Thomas Moran American 01.1119 oil on canvas
On the San Juan above Arboles Thomas Moran American 02.894 graphite and wash on newsprint
Mythological God of Water Jimalee Chitwood Burton Native American; Cherokee 01.2216 Oil on board
Indian Legends from California W. Richard West Native American; Southern Cheyenne 01.2272 oil on canvas, possibly acrylic
The Healer Franklin Fireshaker Native American; Ponca 02.571 tempera on paper
Cathedral of Maravatio Thomas Moran American 01.1104 oil on board
Toothill Bridge, Bolton, Lancashire Thomas Moran American 02.801 graphite and wash on paper
Richmond Thomas Moran American 02.802 graphite and wash on paper
Sunset, Gulf of Mexico Thomas Moran American 02.814 watercolor and graphite with white gouache on paper
The Girl Who Married the Sea Serpent Percy Tsisete Sandy Native American; Zuni 02.329 tempera on paper
Purification after Childbirth Acee Blue Eagle Native American; Muscogee (Creek), Pawnee 02.435 tempera on paper
Creation Design Roland N. Whitehorse Native American; Kiowa 02.336 tempera on paper
Fiesta at Cuernavaca Thomas Moran American 01.1110 oil on canvas
Seascape Thomas Moran American 01.2341 oil on canvas
Kettle drum wrapped in hide Unknown Native American; Osage (user) 63.678 hide, metal
King Arthur's Castle, Cornwall Thomas Moran; , T. D. M. Co. American 16.227 printing ink on paper
Ulysses and the Sirens Thomas Moran; , Osborne Co. American 1627.232 printing ink on paper
Landscape with River Road Emily Kelley Moran Irish American 14.320 printing ink on paper
Two Riverscapes Emily Kelley Moran Irish American 14.374 printing ink on paper