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Tags: waves

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Shoshone Falls on the Snake River Thomas Moran, February 12, 1837 - August 25, 1926, English American (Artist) English American 01.2339 oil on canvas
Champlain: Northwest Voyage Charles Banks Wilson American 02.1757 casein on board
Under siege at sea Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2168 ink and pen on paper
Discovery of Lake Champlain Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2189 ink and pen on paper
The Stella on the Reef Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2193 ink and pen on paper
Sea Port Battle at St. Nicholas Charles Banks Wilson American 13.2194 ink and pen on paper
Capt John Smith and Party Landing at Jamestown May 14, 1607 John Mix Stanley American 0126.1145 oil on canvas
Watching the Breakers Winslow Homer American 0126.2264 oil on canvas
Eleanora C. Ross John Mix Stanley American 0126.1148 Oil on canvas
Man Fishing Unknown American TU2009.39.7648.24 gelatin silver process
Fire Clouds over Trees and Mountains Unknown American TU2009.39.7649.109 gelatin silver process
New York and New Jersey Sklyline and Waterfront William Robinson Leigh American 0127.278 oil on canvas board
Untitled Work of Eskimos and Igloos Leah Qumaluk Native American; Inuit 14.875 stone cut, ink on rice paper
RMS Oceanic Stationery American TU2009.39.8127 Watercolor on paper
Shooting the Rapids Cornelius Krieghoff Canadian 0116.1154 oil on canvas
Birch Bark Canoe Alfred Jacob Miller American 02.1042a-b watercolor on paper
The Road Back Willard Stone; , Willard Stone Native American; Cherokee 1127.66 Oklahoma cedar wood
Point Lobos, California Albert Bierstadt American 0126.2304 oil on canvas
KoKo Crater Coast Joseph Henry Sharp American 0137.306 oil on canvas
Two people near right center of photograph of a small boat in a river Unknown American TU2009.39.257.19 gelatin silver process