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Tags: weapons

Image Title Creator Culture Accession # Materials/Techniques
Obsidian blade Mesoamerican 61.8781 obsidian
Bone spear point Arctic, Aleut 83.2002 Bone
Silver bracelet with turquoise and twisted wire scrolls Native American; Navajo (Diné) 84.1402 silver, turquoise
Obsidian blade Mesoamerican 61.8779 obsidian
Song to the Waterfall Bert Geer Phillips American 01.525 oil on canvas board
Curved bow strung with twisted sinew Native American; Plains 73.207 wood, sinew, pigment, horse hair, cotton string
War club with a ground stone head Native American; Plains 84.1061 stone, wood, leather, cotton string, horse hair, feathers
Bone fish harpoon Arctic, Inuit 83.2003 Bone
Missouri River trade axe with red handle Unknown Native American; Osage (artist and user) 84.1120 wood, metal, stroud cloth
Tomahawk pipe with a conventional blade Native American; Plains 84.1100 wood, metal
Large chipped obsidian spike Mesoamerican 61.8780 obsidian
By Charles M. Russell Charles Marion Russell American TU2009.39.527.1-2 ink on paper
War club with a ground stone head Native American; Plains 84.1064 stone, wood, leather
Beaded sheath and antler knife handle Terry Stevens Native American; Assinaboine 84.2177a-b rawhide, beads, horn, wool, steel, brass
Beaded leather gun case Unknown Native American; Cheyenne 84.748 hide, glass, wool (stroud cloth)
Tomahawk pipe blade with inlays of a cross, moon, heart, and three-sided square Unknown 66.8 iron
Large bi-facially chipped obsidian blade Mesoamerican 61.8782 mahogany variety of obsidian
Untyped projectile point Unidentified 61.18090 Stone
War club with a ground stone head Native American; Sioux 84.1065 wood, leather, stone, cotton, silk, feathers, pigment, horse hair, tin
Introducing the Scalp Peter Rindisbacher Swiss 02.1340 watercolor on paper